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CNA Tips During a Coastal Storm

  • Fill containers with water and freeze to put in both the freezer and fridge in case you lose power. Try not to open appliances by using canned and packaged food.

  • Give your neighbor an extra key and your contact information.

  • Make sure you have signed up for Reverse 911.

  • Pay attention to your neighbors who may need extra help, especially elderly and challenged.

  • Avoid walking or driving through water, as there may be live wires in it. Be careful of pets and children, too.

  • Do not drive through flooding water on Weed Ave. It is salty and will kill your car's electrical system and you could get trapped when the doors and windows won't open.

  • Fill up your car, propane tanks and have extra gas on hand. Reminder to keep generators away from the house to avoid dangerous carbon monoxide fumes.

  • Before the storm season, prune trees, removing any decay or weak branches.

  • Turn off gas lines and electricity if you are in an area that floods. If pilots go out (hot water, furnace), they might still emit gas. A professional must turn off/on gas lines. If you are evacuating, leave a sign on your front door saying that the gas is on or off.

  • Use battery lanterns and flashlights instead of candles. Have a hand crank radio. Invest in a solar charger for your cell phone.



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