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About Us


Preserve and protect the residential character of the neighborhood.

  • Increase the safety and security of the neighborhood.

  • Encourage strict enforcement of city laws and ordinances.

  • Initiate stricter control over land use and zoning changes.

  • Reduce street congestion and improve traffic flow.

  • Protect natural resources and promote responsible environmental activities.

  • Defend the integrity of the existing coastal land and waters and influence their future use and development.




President: Lyle Fishell

Board: Kevin Quick

Secretary and Grants: Marta Flanagan Bailey

Treasurer: Paul Brindak

Beautification: Laura Petitt

Beautification: Maria Wallman

Neighborhood Clean Ups: Lyle Fishell

Communications: Hermine Brindak

Bill Wright- Darien-Stamford Liaison


If you any questions or want to get involved, contact us below!

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