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Updates on Hearing, Zoom Call & Registration for Zoning Hearing on Cannibas Dispensary on May 6th

Updated: Apr 29

As of 4.26, here are the latest updates on this issue. CNA wants to keep everyone up to date!

Zoom URL for 5/6 Hearing

  • CNA, Inc. will provide URL to enable Zoom attendance this Monday, 4/28 (once agenda finalized, URL will be available)

  • Darien residents allowed  to “register” and speak

  • Sal Latorraca will host concern citizens wanting to attend 5/6 Zoom at Giovanni's. Citizens are requested to bring their own laptops as feasible We may request this hearing be postponed until after June Zoning meeting (see below)


June 2024 Zoning Meeting - Revisiting Regulations (to  be announce once scheduled)

  • Primary driver is illegal behaviors’ of “Smoke Shops”

  • Existing law specifies 5 total dispensaries for City (1 per 25k population);

  • Commercial locations only (East/West sides, Downtown, High Ridge, Longridge, Main Street), 3,000 feet from each other and not near schools

  • We will be able to request Board incorporate density requirements by Stamford neighborhoods at this meeting, as East Side already too densely populated


City Traffic Study Needed

  • Stamford Traffic Head, Frank Petise, determined no need for traffic study regarding Nautilus application.

  • CNA, Inc, (Cove Neighborhood Association) has sent request for traffic study. Note: application incorrectly states existing 200 car daily average at Boat House location, which is patently incorrect.

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