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Cannabis Hybrid Dispensary Approved Unanimously

Happenings in The Cove are impacted by neighborhood involvement. The more you get involved the bigger difference you can make.

After two nights of hearings, two weeks apart, over 50 people speaking (mostly from Darien), over 1000 signatures and letters from Stamford residents voicing their concern about opening dispensary on the Stamford/Darien border, the Zoning Board approved unanimously the fourth hybrid dispensary in Stamford on Monday June 24th, 2024.

How does that happen when there was so much opposition to opening a dispensary at this location, right on the Stamford/Darien border? Schools, churches, YWCA, school bus stops, and a park directly across the street?

Over 150 residents from Stamford and Darien learning about the proposed hybrid dispensary at Giovannis restaurant in Darien.

There was a lawsuit against the city of Stamford by the private equity firm Merida Capital Holdings, for the rejection of the application by the city of a dispensary at 1110 East Main Street. Once this new application was approved at 1308 E. Main Street, current home of The Boat Yard BBQ & Grill, the lawsuit was dropped.

“Well, unfortunately, it meets the requirements ... so I don’t think we have much choice,” Zoning Board Member William Morris said.

How do you feel about this decision?


Attend 6/26/24 General Meeting - Chelsea Piers 7-8pm, Room C.


Express how you feel to our Mayor Caroline Simmons at:

For more details on the hearing:

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Sounds cool, I'm excited for it! Fine Fettle has been a great experience every time I've been there, and usually only a few other customers are there at the same time. I've never been to that park across the street, there's nowhere to park to enjoy it really, and no shade. And a lot of goose crap. Does anyone go there?

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